You Need Divine Help -Prophetess Chinyere Ilobachie.


Every man or woman who wants to excel in life needs a divine helper. When divine Help locates a man, such life cannot remain the same. A lot of people are going through difficult situations because they have not found a divine helper.
The truth is the life of a man becomes easier when he or she finds a helper, a divine helper makes the journey of a man easier and distinguishes him from his contemporaries.

This is why the General Overseer, Dominion Thunder Deliverance Power Ministry, Prophetess Chinyere Ilobachie called on members of the public to join them on the special 4 Sundays & 4 Tuesdays powerful prophetic crusade to experience the divine help of God in all areas of life.
The special Prophetic programme has its Theme as “Ebenezer,
my Helper” which is the name of the Lord that is capable of changing lives and liberating people from the shackles of darkness.

Prophetess Chinyere however called on those who are tired of their present conditions and desire the divine move of God to avail themselves of the special Prophetic Program which is set to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, and bring men and women from the captivities of darkness.
Prophetess Chinyere assured all participants of a great visitation of God in their business, career, work, marriage, and all areas for total transformation.

Prophetess Chinyere Ilobachie

God is the stone of Help and He is set to help everyone who can plan to avail themselves of this
If you can attend this prophetic programme your life will never remain the same again, Therefore I implore you to join us as we set to receive divine Help in all areas.
Come and encounter Divine Helper. You are the next to testify therefore don’t hesitate to be part of the special days of the prophetic program.
For r details on the program, see the flier for details.

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