You Can’t Lock down The Whole World Forever -Pastor Adeboye

 You Can’t Lock down The Whole World Forever -Pastor Adeboye

Says some people will come out sooner

The pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. A. Adeboye has said, the whole world can’t be locked down forever because of the deadly COVID-19 that is ravaging the world. Speaking at the June Holy Ghost service, themed Let there be Light, the clergy affirmed that the lockdown will soon be over.

In a thanksgiving message titled“Flying Over Mountain”  He made it known that anyone who waits on the Lord will fly over the physical lockdown. 

In his word, “we thank God for what the governments are doing but you can’t lock down the whole world forever, sooner or later, the lockdown will be over”

He however said for some people, the lockdown will be over sooner than later if they learn how to worship the Lord.

“For some people, the lockdown will be over sooner than later; you just learn to worship the Lord and you will know that instead of the lockdown been a problem, it would become an asset.”

The highly revered man of God revealed that, when people worship the Lord appropriately, they will overcome spiritual lockdown. He Said, physical lockdown is a minor thing because there are people who are in the prison yard though they are in their homes. Adding that, many people are in trouble and problem that has made them prisoners. 

Adeboye recalled one of the members on the of his wedding over 30 years back, after signing; the boy heard a strange call who was heard only by him and fell and died. But when they remembered that he has thought them to praise the Lord when faced with any form of mountain

In his message, he explained extensively on the need for anyone who wants to receive the Lord to be willing to wait, adding that the work of a waiter is to obey all others; considering the works of a waiter in a very good hotel.

Citing from the book of the psalm that anyone who wishes to wait must be willing to give his choice food him quality worship in truth and spirit. He added that if anyone wants to wait on the lord he must be ready to give him praise and not only to bombard him with the request.

He assured that we will fly over every mountain adding that we should wait on him, serve him, and worship which it’s a tool to fly over every mountain.

He, therefore, called on everyone who has not surrendered their lives to Christ to do it so that their praises can be acceptable unto God which would enhance their flying over the mountain of their lives.

It was a wonderful meeting with the Lord despite the constraint as many people followed the telecast from their various homes.

He however prayed that as people began to praise God, they will fly over every mountain in their lives.

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