Why There Is Trouble In Nigeria Today –Evang. Femi Oyeniyi

 Why There Is Trouble In Nigeria Today –Evang. Femi Oyeniyi

Says “the blood of people that we have wasted through our evil acts are now crying in pain for vengeance

The pastor in Charge, Christ Standard Revival Ministry (Ori-oke Sioni) Evangelist Femi Emmanuel Oyeniyi has revealed that the troubles in Nigeria today are traceable to the church because the Lord is not happy with her due to disappointment on the part of so many leaders.

He made this known early this year in the 2020 yearly prophecy he released which evident of so many of them coming to fulfillment despite his warning are staring at us. Speaking in a long warning, mainly to the church and the government in other to avert the looming problem that could throw both the rich and the poor into pandemonium, he said;

“The Lord told me that some occult elders and political strongmen have made an evil covenant of human blood on behalf of Nigeria thereby selling the country into the hands of more powerful spiritual wickedness in the high places and the aquatic realm.”

On the part of the church, the fearless servant of God said, the church has become the shadow of itself and has power in the death and resurrection of Christ; following mundane thing of the world

“The sacred name of God is now being publicly dishonoured. The name and the gospel of Christ Jesus have now become objects of mockery among the heathens. A lot of Churches have exalted and placed “the god of gold” on the altar of God. We have turned against the altar, betrayed God’s covenant, and rebelled against His words.”

He lamented that the ministers of God are so full of pride and arrogance. Not mindful and conscious of sound doctrine and messages on the altars anymore;

We are so full of ourselves (pride) that the Bible has been neglected. We now replaced sound Biblical teachings with human knowledge on our pulpit. A lot of pastors hold the Bible in their hands and still preaching against it.”

He also emphasized that God relies so much on the ministers of God to liberate; not only from Nigeria but the whole world but the reverse has been the case.

The souls of people that Jesus Christ shed His blood for are what we (God’s ministers in Nigeria) trade for money today, not minding if they perish or not.

The Lord relies on us to show these people the way of life, but we are so wicked that after taking their money, we are now sending them to hell.”

He, however, said the blood of the innocent people that were shed are crying for vengeance adding that the evils from the altars are bringing so much lost to the kingdom of God

“The blood of people that we have wasted through our evil acts are now crying in pain for vengeance from the grave. Our wickedness and evil deeds are bringing great loss and mourning to heaven.

Lots of servants of God and Prophets use demonic power to run the ministry, and they care less whether the name of God is being reproached through their lives or not.

The secret of evil works of some ministers and Prophets that are being exposed by the day have made the sinners adamant in their sins, while the love of so many saints is growing cold.

 The corruption of the so-called people of God is so much that the enemies of the gospel now have the chance and effrontery to wage war against the Church of God. It’s pathetic that the Gospel has been badly commercialized.”

He equally revealed that the Lord is angry with the nation because of the church who have erred and gone astray and He is ready to avenge because he is not happy;

“The Lord said, He is not happy with the Church of Nigeria and therefore He will chastise her.

He said he will afflict the Church through an attack from the Northern army and by strange people.

The Lord said He will humble the Church, stripe her naked, expose her to disgrace and shame that would force her to repentance and make her seek Him with tears. She would depart from her iniquity in godly sorrow, groaning, and serious pain like pores in the bone.“ he revealed.

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