Why Pastors Should Make Sacrifice – Apostle Adenuga


Apostle Idowu Adenuga has called on all ministers of the gospel to be ready to make the sacrifice for this generation instead of acquiring wealth for themselves at the expense of the perishing souls

He made this known in an exclusive brief chat with Golden Heritage Correspondents shortly after the weekly Wednesday programme on the second of June. While lamenting on the rise in the failed prayer requests by members of the churches, he said the way men of God are giving out messages is nothing but a mere child’s play because they are not teaching the right and expected message from the scripture.

In his word “what are we pastors going to do for this generation, what sacrifice are we willing to do so that they will not miss the kingdom of God”

He lamented that several men on the pulpit are running the affair of the church according to their pattern and not of God. He added that many of them are only acquiring wealth and luxuries of the world to themselves instead of building the fear of God in the hearts of men.

“Because of what many men of God want to eat and acquire, they are not telling the truth which is why several people are praying without result,” he said.

The servant of God noted that pastors are leading the followers in the wrong directions which will deprive them of the kingdom of heaven because they don’t want to sacrifice the pleasure, fame, and accolades in this world. He said, if Christ has not paid the ultimate sacrifice, it will not be possible for someone like him to be rejoicing today.

 “If Christ has not paid the price, how will a formal wicked person like me would have known the way of truth and righteousness. If he has not paid the sacrifice, how will wicked people like us, who were once dining with the devil have hope of salvation?” he quarried. 

The servant of God insisted that unless the ministers of the gospel return to the basis, whereby, the issue of the kingdom is of highest priority, that it would be difficult for members to know the right way by which their prayers would be answered adding that, running to the mountain and valley is not how their prayers would be answered but by knowing how to fully obey the Lord.

He regretted the way men of God claimed ownership of Churches and members of the congregation; thinking they own them.

“It is sad that you hear men of God saying, my ministry, my congregation as if they own them” he mimicked.

Apostle Adenuga maintained that God can never answer the prayer of any disobedient person. He noted that many people are merely running a rat race because God cannot be mocked as his word stands sure. He admitted that people are praying but not receiving answers because they are not willing and doing the will of God which is the only mean by which God can answer their prayers.

“ all the children of God, who want him to do this or that should know that it is on a condition! They say, God, lift my child but is the child obedient to the Lord? You want God to do everything for you but not ready to do His will. It is a simple gospel; obedience. Just simple obedience. For instance, if your son asked you to buy something for him and he did sit where you asked him to, will you buy it for him?” he demanded.

He, therefore, called children of God who are jumping from one Prayer Mountain to the other to do the needful which is obedient to his word if they don’t want to labor in vain. He charged believers to return to God by pursuing the righteousness of God if they desire to receive his blessing. He added that the thing of this world will soon come to an end therefore expedient for everyone to return to the cross; to make it to eternity at the end of their journey in this world.

More so, Apostle Emmanuel Adenuga called on the servants of God to show the true way and principle to their members so that they can receive the crown of glory at the end of their race on earth.

Apostle revealed to Golden Heritage News that, he has made up his mind to always do the will of God no matter the situation and condition in this world while calling on other ministers to do the same by paying the sacrifice that will enable perishing souls to know the way of truth without pursuing self-glory.

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