Why I Wanted To Commit Suicide -Prophet David Taiwo


Precisely, 17 years ago, I was hopeless because everything turned against me, all efforts to make it in life proof abortive, I was rejected by everyone around me, things became worst that I couldn’t feed my Family, to pay house rent was a big problem, friends I confided in deserted me, I looked left and right and there was no where to run to, my life was miserable, I was living hand to mouth, even though i was called by God yet there was nothing to show forth for it, it was at that point i decided to hang myself because I felt nothing could come out of me again. It was all efforts in futility , I had already lost hope of becoming great in life so I felt I should end it there but God who is rich in mercy intervened, I was in that thought when the Holy Spirit ministered to me that I should not do that, that there is still hope for me, that my Glory will still shine, He told me I will rise again, so in Faith I believe the word of God, I released my self afresh to God and i was ready to do according to His leading for me.

It was in that process, the spirit of God spoke to me to start Covenant white Fasting for 70 days and that was in 2007, so I took a bold step to start in my sitting room at No 4, Banire Street, Obawole, Iju Ishaga, Lagos and then the last day of the program, the Holy Spirit told me to host a program called Annual Prophetic Release

So to the Glory of God, Annual Prophetic Release started 17 years ago with a divine mandate, it’s a meeting with the Hosts of Heaven and Outpouring of His Grace, I started the program alone,, there was nobody there to minster to but I ministered like I was seeing people till my Landlord then taught I was mad because no body was with me, so I started the program with Zero people but today God’s Name is highly praised.. And since that time , God has been Faithful on all areas.

To the glory of God, when the program clocks 5 years of doing it, the Holy Spirit told me to increase the Fasting and prayers to 120 days and I asked why, He said for the Grace and authority to lift other people who has been forsaken and those who have problems in thier various lives and also to use me to heal divers sickness and diseases, to destroy the yoke of barrenness in the lives of people.

To the shame of the devil, I started the 120 days and God has been faithful to His word, He has moved mightily in our midst. Everyone who has joined us has experienced great transformation in their lives, so it’s no longer stories, its the Glory of God in the lives of participants, alot of outstanding testimonies has been recorded to the Glory of God, the barren conceived and gave birth successfully, the sick healed, the oppressed delivered and those who thought all hope was gone had been restored to the Glory of God.

And since then, we normally hold the last 4 days of the program for special prophetic release. So precisely, the last day is tagged Prophetic Release Night where people come from far and near to enjoy the Grace of God upon my life, to the Glory of God, I am a Prophet with Grace of Fasting and Prayer, everyone called by God has his own areas of Grace that uses the avenue to bless His people.

Through the Grace of God, this 120days of Fast and prayers started on 19th Friday, of May and will end by the Grace of God on 16th Saturday of September 2023 by 5am. The last day is always filled with great move of God to liberate, heal and set free everyone under the influence of darkness and everyone trusting God for a change of status. This year edition is power packed because since the beginning of the program, I had never invited any man of God to round up the program but this year, I was alone with God for 14days , the Holy Spirit ministered to me to invite Prophet Samson Ayorinde to come and round it up for us at the Release Night which is going to be the last day of my covenant white Fast and prayers, Friday 15th , September from 10pm to 5am and by the Grace of God, I will also be using 120days of Fast and prayers Authority to pray for as many people that will come for the program and the Great Man of God, Prophet Samson Ayorinde will be using Higher Authority to seal the prayers.

By the special Grace of God, it’s going to be a double Prophetic Authority and a great Night to be remembered, the Host of Heaven is set to have personal encounter with everyone that will attend the program and your life will never remain the same again.

Prophet David Taiwo is a great man of God called to Enrich lives and destinies through Gospel mysteries that has been hidden but now revealed to him as a Prophet according to the word of God in Ephesians 3:1-9 which validated truth.

Prophet Taiwo therefore called on those who desire lifting in thier businesses, promotion, healing, deliverance, fruits of the womb to come and experience the power of God that is capable of transforming thier lives to Greatness.

He is the Presiding Prophet of Ark of Power Ministry, situated at No 4 Oluwasegun Street Station Bus. Stop, Obawole area , Iju Ishaga, Lagos.

However, the 17th annual prophetic Release has its theme as ” Manifestation Experience “which will ursher all participants to manifest in the Newness of God’s Glory in their lives. It is a prophetic declaration program that will host 17 trumpeters and 17 saxsophonists to celebrate God’s Faithfulness on the last day of the 120 days of fast and prayers with annoited servants of God to prophetically declare on all participants.

Prophet Taiwo is a season man of God endowed with Grace to fast and pray as he called on those who desire breakthrough on all areas to also connect with him for daily prophetic prayers and counselling, on +2347042486460, whatsap number+2347057971578. For the details of the program see fliers.

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