Why I denied access to my police friend, pastors in Nigeria -Apostle Adenuga


condemns believers who create classes in the house of the Lord

The presiding pastor of Faith Revival Apostolic Church, Apostle Taiwo Adenuga has revealed that he rejected his Nigeria police friend who wanted to see him for prayer because it is not possible to have access to God when a man is full of evil and sin; which he does not want to be part of such practices that is prevalent in the world today, especially in Nigeria.

He lamented that several people indulge in all kinds of ungodly things without consideration for the wrath of God. Adding that, many would do evil, cheat and still call upon the name of the Lord; pretending to be obedient to the words of God but deceiving unsuspecting victims yet in the name of the Lord.

In his words, he recalled one of the high-ranking police officers who came to him for prayers but denied him and rather told him to go and release those he locked up innocently in their custody in the name of power. He stated that he can not be praying for people in the name of the Lord to support their wickedness and sinful ways 

During one of his weekly Tv programs REPAIRER HOUR, he spoke on a vital topic that is prevalent in Christendom, governance, family life, and social lives, speaking on the topic By His Name; he quoted Micah 6:10-11  Are they treasures of wickedness in the house of the wicked and the scant measure that are abominable? 11 Shall I count them pure with the wicked balance and the bag of deceitful weight? 

In his words, “people do a lot of things in the name of God even though they are abominable in the sight of the Lord, it is not in the counsel of the Lord that we should continue in wickedness” Jeremiah 7:9.”

From his studio in the United States of America, Adenuga said that most believers fraudulently acquire wealth and name it “grace at work” this is an abuse of the name of God. Believers who allow themselves to be used as an instrument in the hands of the devil to deprive the weak of their possessions because of their conditions are not left out in this,he accussed. He went on to condemn believers who create classes in the house of the Lord to desist from such acts. 

However, ApostleAdenuga called out Pastors, Bishops, and prophets who have changed the truth about the gospel and have given it an interpretation that is contrary to that which is stated in the scripture just for self-gain should know that it is blasphemy to the name of the Lord.

The servant of God took his whips against people who went as far as destroying others all in the name of power; acquiring public properties, making them theirs, and taking from the weak to mutiply their wealth. He mentioned Nigeria constantly as one of the African countries whose leaders have deviated from the mandate they promised the electorates before they were elected but now chasing self benefits. “Politicians in elective positions who are meant to rule by example have derailed on their manifestos, what a wicked world!” He lamented.

Thousands of years ago when Elijah rebuilt the house of the Lord, there he called on the name of the Lord and the Lord answered with fire, so it is today when the Lord called Apostle Paul Adenuga to rebuild the fallen walls of His Sanctuary which is being manifested in his teachings, radio, Tv programs, and crusades. 

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  1. Tosin Damola says

    Message of the hour. I hope the church will take back her position and speak the truth in the name of Lord always.

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