Wearing White Garments Is Not Compulsory, C&S Cleric Reveals


Prophet Solomon Olawuyi, the Prophet and founder of Christ Divine Visitation Church in an exclusive interview with Golden Heritage News, revealed that wearing whites garment is not a measure of prayer and reason God will answer prayers. While speaking the servant of God who believes that anyone who wants to approach God must come with a clean and holy pure heart said, it is not compulsory to put on white garment before you can appear before the Lord.

The Cleric, Solomon Olawuyi said, “The background of this ministry is white garment, but we do not force anyone to wear white garment to church. This church is dependent on the principles of God, and not on the wearing of white garments or walking around barefooted.”

“If you have a white garment, then you can wear it to church and if not, wear what you have. We do not discriminate against people who come here and do not wear white garments,” he also mentioned.
However, the man of God revealed that the white garment church is divine and powerful beyond what people might know. He reiterated that it was founded on truth, righteousness, and holiness as against what some believe. He however charged both Penticoster and white garment church to be focused on the assignment of building up and saving souls as given by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophet Solomon Olawuyi stated, “White garment church is a powerful ministry, but God should help us. Both Pentecostal and other denominations of churches are seen today by people as a business center. We should hold on to the work God has given to us. The work he has given to us is not to be ‘breaking coconuts’ but that is what the world sees us doing. Won ti só wa di èlébò.”

He recalled how he grew up as a member of a white garment church but now following the leading of the Holy Spirit in the ministry committed to his hand by the Lord. He added that the church must be seen as the house of prayer without anything that could be held against it that is at variance with the word of God

“There should be a clear difference that this is a church of prayer filled with the spirit of God. When God called me, he re-modernized my foundation, it is not the exact way I grew up in white garments that I now preach. However, my background is still white garment, I sing white garment songs and I live a white garment lifestyle. We are based on the word of God” he concluded.

Prophet Solomon Olawuyi is the pioneer of Christ Divine Visitation Church, located at 27, Abayomi Abbas Street, 2nd junction Bus Stop, Governor’s road, Ikotun – Lagos state

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