Stop Being Churchly, Pastor Kajogbola Charges Christians


The General Overseer, Grace Way Chapel International Pastor Tunde Kajogbola has charged Christians to stop being churchly. He made this known in an interview session during a surprising event organized by the church to mark his birthday.

Pastor Tunde Kayode who was astonished by the show of love displayed by the church towards his birthday appreciated God and everyone for being part of His success story. 

However during the interview session, he beseeched everyone at the event to stop being churchgoers without having an encounter with Christ, he recalled how he was a church member for several years yet he was not born again, he was working in the church yet he had no encounter with God. 

Pastor Tunde & Pastor Mrs. Kajogbola During the Birthday Celebration

He affirmed that his life was miserable, full of crisis because he was not in Christ until he got born again in 1996 and that brought a great transformation to his life and destiny, however, urged Christians to crave to be godly, living in truth and righteousness and abstaining from all forms of inequities. He said a life of holiness and righteousness will take every child of God to their greatness.

On asking him about the uniqueness of his giving act, he returned all Glory to God as he maintained that he is not the giver, but God himself, he recalled how terrible it was for him and he lived in abject poverty but today God has brought him out of slavery.

He, therefore, said the solution to all forms of frustration is to embrace Christ and follow His leading so that you can be eternally blessed.

Speaking during the programme; he appreciated everyone particularly his amiable wife who stood in when their condition was terrible yet she promised to be there and she was as she prayed that she will continue to enjoy the goodness of the Lord till Christ comes. 

Pastor Tunde Kajogbola however appreciated Evangelist Adelakun Ayewa despite his tight schedule, could still come around to honor God in his life, appreciated Rev Oduola and all ministers, church elders, and all members of the church for the surprised birthday thanksgiving.  

He however admonished Christians from the book of James 4:8; “draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you clean your hands, ye sinners and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”

However, there were several remarks about Dr. Tunde Kajogbola as being a leader of excellence, a humble man, a great philanthropist, a distinguished man among, and above all, lovers of God who is always conscious of his relationship with God.

His word of appreciation:

Words have deserted me! Yet, I must register my priceless appreciation of the outpouring of love and good wishes that have come my way in kind words and indelible sweet sentiments posted on this platform from ministers and leaders, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, sons and daughters, cousins, nieces and nephews all of whom are invaluable to me indeed.

I remain BLESSED AND GRATEFUL for your individual and corporate contributions to the GRACIOUS definitions that my humble life has assumed. 

I may yet look for words more prim and proper to say THANK YOU…But, for now, I say E SEUN GAN NI; MO DUPE.

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