Revealed: Secrets Behind True Success – Bishop Oyedepo


The founder of the Living Faith Church and presiding Bishop of the Faith Tabernacle aka Winners Chapel International Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo has revealed the secret behind true success for those who desire a level of greatness in all areas.

Recently, Bishop Oyedepo ministering on a weekly Sunday service at the church auditorium charged Christians on what it takes to be truly successful in life.

He said success is not just about praying and fasting, it is about doing what is required of you adding that when you do it your success is not negotiable.

He said in attaining success you must begin by knowing God it is in knowing God that you become the salt and light of the world you must be able to represent God and act according to his leading for your life.

The revelation of Jesus you have will place your life in order and position you for a life of great impact. The scripture says, the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploit so if you want your success to be a remarkable one you must strive to know God and grow in Him then you will have your way to prosperity.

Bishop Oyedepo also said, for Christians to experience true success, they must be willing to yield to every instruction revealed to them by God. He quoted Isaiah 9:10 ‘’if you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the Land but if you refuse and rebel you shall be devoured by the sword; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

He said most Christians make the mistake of praying and fasting only without taking rightful steps of divine instruction for them. He cautioned Christians who only engage in prayers without obeying God’s instruction to desist otherwise they will keep praying until they can’t talk again yet they will never leave the same place.

“Your success is aided by your readiness to take steps one after the order as commanded by God, you must be responsible for taking charge of your responsibility.’’

 ‘’To the glory of God, we teach people to be responsible here in this ministry; this is because Christianity is a faith of responsibility and only those who take responsibility make the most of the journey, so therefore rise to the demand or your calling, business, career or what have you. Yes, it may be challenging but then you must not lose focus but forging ahead and acting accordingly. You must keep on working until you are fully established.

Bishop Oyedepo addressing the mammoth congregation at OTA, Ogun state said anyone who wants to experience true success must be ready to invest in his or herself. Money is not what you need to succeed you only need Revelation and that is why you must not joke with quality books that can add value to your life.

To the glory of God, I came out of clothes of poverty through the revelation I got from the books I read. I remember about 30 years ago, I came back from one of my international trips and my wife said what have you brought? So, I took her to my study and open my box and behold it was books up and down; so she said what else and I answered that is all else, that is all I invested. I said the content of these books could make me a manufacturer of things I would have brought if I could imbibe the light in these books, I will command the favour of God in a dimension that would have made me the manufacturer of things I would have brought.

So, revelation is the true secret, your true success is the answer to all your financial struggles. Today, you can all see the effect of these books I read based on divine revelation gotten from my Bible and inspired books and that was the Genesis of my breakthrough from poverty. I got the key to prosperity and gained the understanding that I can never be poor again I know if you can follow these steps you will never struggle financially again and you will live a fulfilled life. I told you no one can come out of poverty by just supplication or intercession, it takes revelation to birth a revolution.

Bishop Oyedepo also said for any man to experience success, he or she must be diligent in his or her calling, assignment, career, business etc.

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