Queen Elizabeth’s death is Freedom for Nigeria -Primate Olukayode


Primate of Divine Cherubim And Seraphim. Also known as EL-Messiah, Prophet Olukayode Adelugba has said that Nigeria needs to be prayerful because of the nationwide confusion leaving no clue for tomorrow. He also saw the demise of the English monarch as freedom for Nigeria.

The cleric is however hopeful stating that if the Nigerians are prayerful, God will have mercy.

“I believe we can pray, and God will have mercy and will give us whatever we ask,” he said.

Continuing, he said, “Bad governance due to the lack of good leaders, is a problem and the nation has no one that will make use of her resources for the prosperity of the masses.

“They are all fighting for their own pocket, and they don’t have the fear of God. They don’t want to listen to what God says; thinking they do it by themselves and that is why God is looking at them without doing what God says, what He told me about Nigeria, the whole nation will continue to be in trouble,” he said.

He also said, “Although God sends me to say, you may like it, you may not like it and I don’t want you to like it but when it comes to pass, you will know that we have the creator, God who answers prayer.

“Firstly, I know that Nigeria will not scatter as against what some people are saying. God never told me that and I am very sure of that.

“What God is telling me is Nigeria will be better next year; that the next eight years will be very good, that people will enjoy, that people will celebrate because there will be great change and development and people will have more money.”    

With message full of optimism, Olukayode said, “So, the message I heard from my own God; this Nigeria is going to be better, and everything will be well arranged whoever takes over the power would be used by God.

“The eight years that are coming, will be peaceful years for everybody.
It’s God that knows the mind of men, I don’t know; what God said about that, but all I know is that whoever we chose will be useful,” he said.

He however enjoined Nigerians to be prayerful and move closer to God.

“I want them to understand that without prayer you don’t achieve anything, we need to move closer to God, be prayerful, and love ourselves, because there’s hatred everywhere now I heard many people saying, it is Muslim, it is Christian or even traditional worshipper and they are fighting over who should rule. They have all failed to know that it is only God who can solve the problem of Nigeria.

“For instance, there was a man who called and asked me about the Nigerian issue, but I said, it’s just this year that Nigeria is free because of what is happing recently. God enlightened me and He told me some messages about Queen Elizabeth. So, the Elizabeth that is giving this Nigeria problem is gone. God has dealt with it and now we need somebody who can mend it, who knows the right thing to do; an educated person somebody who is determined to do it right, someone that knows what we want and can offer it.

“We need to forget about whether somebody is sick or healthy. Sickness has nothing to do with governance. Naaman was a sick person but went to war and he won the battle. So, anyone that God wants to use will do it well no matter his condition. We just need to forget about sickness or weakness. What God has in mind is what he will do. My prayer for Nigeria is to make the right choice according to the will of God because if we miss it this time, that will be the end.

“All that God is telling me is just someone ready to listen to people, someone who is prepared to make the right decision. It is not about either Muslims or Christians but whoever comes in this time will make tangible and remarkable changes that will help the country,” he said.

On the late Queen of England, the cleric said, “Nigeria has been working for the Queen of England for a very long time and now that she is dead, we just got our freedom to do well as a nation because, though, we claimed to be independent but we were still slaves to the Queen. She has taken everything that we ought to enjoy as a country. But now that God has taken her off, it is time for us to enjoy the goods of the land.
Whatever we do from now will bring us wealth and progress.


“By this grace of God, there will be peace in Nigeria, and the people who want to have their freedom like the Yoruba nation will only come to reality after something has been put in place but it will be after some years from now,” he explained.

Going back to his recent prophecy, Olukayode said, “There was a prophecy I gave in March when there were rumors about Nigeria that Nigeria will scatter and I said before the end of March 2022 the rumors will end and it happened. 

“After the settlement that will happen in Nigeria then Yoruba can go. There will be freedom for the Yoruba but not now. We need to be prepared but the question is who will lead us?” He asked

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