PILGRIMAGE: Why You Need To Visit Israel -Bola Are, Prophet Isedowo reveal


The pilgrimage journey is not about entertainment or a fun trip where you just laugh or merry, it is more than a mere trip; it is a spiritual tour for personal growth, spiritual lifting, and exploration to experience the fullness of spiritual exercise.

According to the saying, once the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable, it is amazing today that a lot of Christians, particularly Church leaders don’t understand why it is essential to go on a pilgrim, hence many take it with levity hands.

The journey to the holy land is spiritual and must be done with all seriousness and sincerity of heart, among the several reasons you need to go on a visit to Israel is because your knowledge of the scripture is enhanced and equipped because of notable things you have read in the Bible which become a reality on your successful trip to Israel, it is, therefore, a spiritual trip focusing on the spiritual development of all participants as they are privilege to visit great places as seen in the scripture which eventually aids your knowledge of the word of God beyond theoretical terms.

In essence, it is a tour that brings members, workers, and leaders of various ministries together to sharpen one another and thereby network with various great people from all works of life which with help towards actualizing and strengthening individual purpose on earth, so it is indeed spiritual exercise and you can’t avoid being part of this spiritual exercise if you really want to deepen your understanding of the scripture.

This is why you have to join great ministers of God as Dr. Bola Are and Prophet Elijah Oluwasegun invites you especially to join them in this spiritual tour.

Evangelist Dr. Bola Are
  1. Bola Are therefore called on Christians to make up their mind and start planning for the trip, as she encouraged children to support their aged parents for the trip, ministers of God are not exempted, any minister of God who wants a better understanding of what he has read in the Bible needs to avail themselves on this great spiritual exercise as it promises to be spirit filled tour with a great sense of transformation on all areas. However, leading the team to Israel is Prophet Oluwasegun Elijah Isedowo as he called on all members of the Church, pastorate, and the general public to avail themselves of this great opportunity, he said no one who will visit Israel with them that will not experience breakthrough either in ministry, career, business or any other sector.
Prophet Elijah Oluwasegun Isedowo

Prophet Isedowo however said for spiritual renewal, for deeper understanding of the Bible, and for prophetic impartation, you need to plan and join us for such a great encounter with God and with various men and women across the globe. 

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