Mystery Behind 5000 Fulfilled Prophecies


Primate Ayodele launches‘Warnings to the Nation’

Following the launching of 2023 / 2024 ‘Warnings to the Nation’, the spiritual leader of the Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele has revealed the secret behind his 5000 fulfilled prophecies.

Ayodele addressing a group of journalists recently at the Church auditorium during the launching of his annual Prophecy book said the only mystery behind his fulfilled prophecy is simply that the prophecies are from God, the Spirit of God is the source of all these prophecies hence, it has been constant and accurate since inception of the divine revelation from God to the Nations and has become a compilation of divine signals across the globe which is in the book format.

Primate recalled how the compilation of the divine revelation booklet started and how amazing the testimonies of the fulfilled prophecies had been. “To the Glory of God, the annual prophecy book was inspired by God and that is why it is different from a literature book because they are a compilation of spirit-filled divine signals received from God. We have been publishing the prophecy book for about 29 years. We have been doing this for 29 years without any obstruction, and to the glory of God we have appreciated everyone who has been with us from inception, the booklet started with the title “Present and Future Watch” in 1994 and in 1996 we changed it to Warnings to the Nations and it has been a very courageous journey since then to the glory of God.

“The truth is if we have been doing prophecy since 1994 and we have not been getting it right, we would have stopped. To the glory of God, it started from somewhere and we are giving glory to God that we are here for this edition again”. So in essence, if you are not led by the spirit of God, you can’t give accurate prophecies.

Meanwhile, among the fulfilled prophecies are : excerpt;

ASUU strike: In his 2022 prophecies, Primate Ayodele revealed that there will be a serious ASUU strike in 2022 and that students will stage something serious to protest against it. As he said it, the union held a strike that lasted more than 8months, and at some point, students started blocking major highways to express their displeasure, fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

GUINEA: There was political unrest in the country some months ago that led to the deaths of citizens. Primate Ayodele had revealed that he foresees tough times for politicians in the country; this was fulfilled.

LANDSLIDE IN CAMEROON: An unfortunate landslide that led to the death of over 21 people took place in Cameroun. Primate Ayodele said in his new year prophecy that the country will be faced with deadly natural disasters.

RUSSIA VS UKRAINE WAR: The most talked about international event is the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022. Primate Ayodele had warned in his 2022 prophecies that the crises between the two countries will escalate in the year. A few days before the invasion occurred, Primate Ayodele revealed in an interview session that he foresees destruction in Ukraine. About 48 hours after this prophecy, Russia invaded Ukraine and as we speak, lots of destruction have been recorded and still counting.

NNAMDI KANU: On Nnamdi Kanu, Primate Ayodele in his 2022 prophecies noted that the IPOB leader will face more trouble in the new year. As he said, President Buhari affirmed that he won’t be released and till now, Igbo leaders are still begging for him. Instead of releasing him, more charges are being counted against him. Fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

SUNDAY IGBOHO: Popular Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho got into trouble last year and it’s been difficult for him to get freedom after he was imprisoned in Benin Republic. In his 2022 Prophecies, Primate Ayodele revealed the activist will have issues with his lawyer and if he doesn’t change him he won’t have a headway. As he said, a few days into the year 2022, Sunday Igboho publicly lambasted his lawyer and changed him and this led to him being set free by the Beninese government.

INEC POSTPONEMENT: Despite the fact that INEC had confirmed the date for the 2023 elections, Primate Ayodele maintained that elections will not be held on the date. Confirming this, INEC shifted the date by some weeks.

ABUJA-KADUNA ATTACK: Primate Ayodele has been releasing warnings concerning attacks on Nigeria’s railways and rail stations since the beginning of the year. In his 2022 prophecies, he categorically stated that he foresees an explosion on our rail system. A few months into the year 2022, bandits bombed a railway and it affected an Abuja-Kaduna train. The bandits also abducted passengers after shooting some of them, fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

However, the 2023/ /2024 edition of Warnings to Nations addressed the present Nigeria government, elections coming up in Nigeria, topical issues on Russia – Ukraine war, the Sudan crisis, the climatic condition, and several others were included in the book except, Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. “I foresee that if the tribunal did not do the needful it will affect the image of the tribunal members, I foresee that INEC will not be seen any longer as an unbiased umpire as expected. INEC will be seen as a clearing house for all manners of election results. There will be confusion in the government circles because the judgment will be very clear to all. The best option will be either they go for a return or another election entirely or they leave it the way it is.

 “Northerners and Tinubu Government”

People like El Rufai and Odebe will plot a coup against the Tinubu government because Tinubu will not follow their instructions. Also since Tinubu will not follow them to do what they want him to do they will begin to fight him and this will cause problems in the party. Some APC members will regret voting for Tinubu. Let us pray against an explosion in any of our oil facilities. Government must be very careful of the militants as they will want to constitute a nuisance.”



There will be an attack on this institution and the Catholic Church must be careful not to lose a Cardinal. The Pope will take a wrong decision that will be questioned. The Catholic Church must be careful not to have divisions. The Church needs to be watchful against attacks on a Cardinal. Some people will be queried by the Church. There will be new ways of ordaining knights in the Catholic Church.


There are some laws that they will make that will not work. The Pope must be careful to avert attacks. He will have several issues to contend with and pray not to lose a Cardinal and an Archbishop. He should pray against attacks in Catholic Church.


Let the pray against conflicts of interest. The church must pray not to lose the Head of any Diocese. They are going to be faced with cultist issues in this religious institution. They must also be careful to guide against divisions in this body of Christ.


This religious Institution will have problems even as there will be new orders in the fold. Let them be watchful so that they will not be sanctioned by a higher authority.


The spirit of God says Covid-19 can still re-occur if we are not careful.


I foresee the Agency will have a slight challenge as they will have some issues to contend with. They will be empowered. There will be an increase in the HIV/AID disease in the rural areas and a new vaccine will be introduced.


I foresee the Body will detect a new disease in Nigeria which they are going to control through scientific methods. There will be lots of challenges that they will encounter and they will introduce a new orientation on the control of diseases.


I foresee a General hospital will be attacked. The hospitals must pray against protests or crises. They will call for increments in their salaries. They will not be well equipped. Despite the government trying their best there will be no adequate facilities in our General hospitals as there will be nothing to write home about them.


Some Federal Medical Centers must pray not to be attacked. Some will experience fire outbreaks.



I foresee JAMB will be indicted. The Body will change the face of how to conduct examinations in Nigeria. It will improve the prompt release of examination results in Nigeria


This prominent public examination Body must be careful of fire outbreaks and mishandling of documents. There will be changes at the management level of the Council as I foresee a change in leadership.

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