MID-YEAR CROSSOVER: Amazing 57 Prophecies by Pastor Olumide Emmanuel


The Mid-year Prophetic Crossover Conference hosted by Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, the General Overseer of Calvary Bible Church, with Guest minister, Prophet El-Bernard Nelson-Eshun at Calvary Bible Church, brought about amazing 57 prophesies spoken to different people.

The program which lasted for three days, from June 28, 2023, to its climax and major highlight, the Crossover vigil on June 30, 2023, was attended by hundreds of people on-site and online, from all around Alimosho and farther.

 Mid-year Prophetic Crossover Conference holds annually at Calvary Bible Church, popularly known as CBC, located at the end of Anjorin Street, Calvary bus stop, Ikotun-Idimu Road, Lagos. It takes place at the end of the first six months of the year; where believers gather to thank God for life and pray for the next six months.

On Friday 30th June, the vigil kicked off at 10:00 pm with an opening prayer taken from the book of Amos 3:7, asking God to reveal his secrets to his prophet. Then, the Lifeline choir ministered with songs of thanksgiving.

Two testimonies were led by Pastor Segun Hassan, one about a woman who escaped death during childbirth as a result of a prophecy she received through Prophet El-Bernard during one of his visits to Calvary Bible Church.

Another woman was saved from a ghastly accident on her way to church that Friday.

In her words “I was already late and on my way to church for the vigil. When I got to the bus stop, I was about to enter a Keke Napep when a woman pulled me back and told me not to enter. I thought she was going to enter it instead, but she did not.”

She continued “When the next Keke Napep came, she said I could enter that one, and I took that one instead. By the time I got further, I saw that there was an accident up ahead that crushed the Keke Napep that I wanted to enter earlier. I am here to give glory to God for saving my life through that woman.”

Pastor Segun Hassan replied that “It was not a woman you saw, but an angel that saved your life.”

After the testimonies Amethyst crew, the drama group of the church came to perform a short play, centered on the aftermath of the conference, connoting that our actions after the vigil will affect the manifestation of miracles in our lives.

Intercessory prayers against financial limitation; demonic spirits of waster, destroyer, and emptier; against untimely death, and prayers for Nigeria and its new government were rendered to God during the vigil among many others.

Pastor Dorcas Abraham, the wife of the Senior Pastor of Calvary Bible Church, Olusegun Abraham, took the Bible reading from Matthew 6:19-33, and while she was reading, the clock struck midnight signifying the entry into the second half of 2023.

The Lifeline Choir ministered again, ushering in Pastor Olumide Emmanuel who continued the series he started earlier in the week on ‘Breaking the cycle of defeat’

“Another stage in the cycle of defeat is Fear, worry, and doubt. You are either living by faith or living by fear. You are not born with fear, you learned it. The only fears that are natural to man are the fear of noise and fear of falling”, he said.

He continued,

“Doubt is not the same thing as unbelief; you have to believe before you doubt. Doubt comes when you shift your gaze from God to circumstances that make you second guess his word. In the book of Matthew 14:28-31, we see a perfect example of doubt when Peter walked on water. God will rescue you before he rebukes you but where your revelation stops; that is where your progress will stop.”

 On the last stage which is Possession, He said “You are spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body. Your spirit is redeemed, and your soul is renewed while your body is subdued.

The Devil can possess the soul and the body, that is why we hear of possessed Christians. Note that you are saved, being saved and you shall be saved.”

  He also mentioned that the objectives of the evil cycle are firstly, to make you relax in your prayer life. Secondly, make you relax in your Bible study life. Thirdly, stops you from resisting his attack. Other objectives are to control your thoughts; to get you to allow fear, doubt, and worry as normal; to stop you from releasing your faith, and finally to make you backslide.” He said.

 After his sermon, the Lifeline Choir ministers for the third time, from 2:12 am to 2:19 am, and Prophet El-Bernard Nelson-Eshun told them to continue singing until 2:53 am when he began preaching.

 After reading 2 Kings 3:5-17 from the Bible, Prophet El-Bernard said,

“Anointed music opens up the atmosphere for the prophetic. Certain things cannot be explained in the realm of the spirit except through experience, the prophetic can only be experienced but not explained.

Prophets don’t know everything, only God knows everything. So after now, go and dare whatever they tell you to do, embrace the prophetic.” He encouraged

The following two hours were filled with numerous prophecies and anointing for many people, with specific instructions given to them about what they need to do. Over 57 prophecies were spoken during the programme through the Prophet and about 65 people were anointed for greatness.

After the session of prophesying, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel prayed for Prophet El Bernard Nelson as he returns to his church in Accra, Ghana.

The vigil ended by 5:25 am on the morning of July 1st and was a blessing to those who attended the program both on-site and online through social media outlets like Facebook and YouTube at CBC Nigeria.

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