Marital Issue With Pastor Bisi: The man of Gadara in marriage!


It is so sad to know that there are so many men who are married but are not supposed to be married because like mad people, their brains are on the left side. The only description that suits them is the mad man of Gadara.

That was the only man in the scripture or shall I say that I have ever heard of, who injures himself unabated. Thank God the Lord Jesus Christ came to his rescue. ”Wifebeaters” need the rescue of Jesus Christ

Any man who is beating his wife only has this man (the mad man of Gadara) as his relative, in fact, his identical twin brother, the reason for which he is beating his wife notwithstanding. The scripture was emphatic about the fact that, the woman is an extension of the man’s body and that she should be handled with care, because of her fragile nature. It is only a really mad man that will beat and injure himself.

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For several reasons a woman may do some things that may provoke the man, but as a man you have to be in charge, you must not allow your emotions to take the better part of you. After all, there are times you equally provoke her too. The man is the head in any marriage relationship and this is not subject to any man’s opinion, and it is only on the head that we have all the five senses, the other part of the body where the woman was created has only one of the senses, it may be the reason why a woman may be more emotional than the man. Someone in his wisdom had opined that when the heart is bad, you use your head. So, the head is where whatever is happening in the body ought to be monitored, regulated, and controlled. It is the reason that man must learn not to always respond to his emotions, especially when it is negative. The man is the one representing God in the marriage/home. Can you imagine what it would have been if God is always responding to all the negative emotions He’s getting as a result of our stupidity and foolish behaviours.

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However, the woman too should be careful, especially with their tongue. Any woman that is loose in tongue is dangerous to live in peace with her in marriage. The scripture says it is better for the husband to climb to the rooftop and stay there – Pro. 25:24

Before you judge a man for beating his wife, you will need to know a lot of details about the woman. I know a lot of women in marriages who are addicted to provoking their husbands and they don’t care about the feelings of the man. Their mouths are so toxic that even as an observer I am pained. So, if I, a Pastor, who understands the mind of God on marriage perfectly feel this way, how does a man who has very little understanding of marriage handles such. A woman with discretion, just like Abigail the wife of Nabal should know when to speak and when not to speak. However, I still insist that there is nothing a woman does, that should make the man beat her, you don’t have the same muscle. That a woman agreed to leave her home, her people, etc., to live with you is enough to forgive her even when she hasn’t realized that she has offended you. Or why do you think God referred to Abraham as His friend and father of faith. He followed God sheepishly just the way your wife followed you.

It may shock some of my friends reading this to know that there are women who are the ones assaulting their men. I’m not just talking about taunting the man with their words, I’m talking of women beating their men physically. If you make a diligent search you will see squirrels with hunchback – that is a Yoruba philosophy.

I have always spoken against divorce, because according to scriptures, God hates the act, but I’m beginning to think that if a woman approached me, seeking counsel for divorce and violence is the basis, especially if I discovered that she’s married to a mad man, I will support her henceforth, it is just that we shall together consider the condition attached according to the Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings. I’m sure that when we get to heaven, we shall see a lot of divorcees, both male and female.

Friends, when you sensed that your partner wants to kill you, please run for your life. Report to the police, to the community leaders, and to the church/mosque leaders as the case may be. When you are tolerating such bullying, you are encouraging it and one day, he may kill you. Unfortunately, you may end up in hell, because you aren’t prepared to meet your maker. Stop thinking he will change, human being rarely changes, unless with a genuine encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, there are some of them who claimed to be children of God because they attend a local church.

Let me tell you this, our people believe that madness is not cured one day. The fact he’s begging you that he will not do it again after the deed is done does not mean that he will not do it again. It only means that the demons in him have gone hiding temporarily.

Sisters, once a man beats you, he may beat you again. And when you are having a hot argument with your partner and he’s telling you he will beat you, though he has never beaten you before, don’t take it as an empty threat, desist from what you are doing or saying, the devil may have possessed him. A general who knows when to retreat is the one who may have another opportunity on the battlefield. Please note, a man may not have the strength to talk as you do, but he has a better muscles than you do.

Dear daughters, if you are in a relationship that has not become a marriage, and the man has raised his hand at you, get out of it immediately, you don’t need any other counsel.

Friends, a wifebeater is a mad man with a legion of demons in him, he needs deliverance and anger is the most senior of the demons in him. Under the influence of anger any human being – male or female is extremely dangerous – consider this scripture – “If you are angry, don’t sin by nursing your grudge. Don’t let the sun go down with you still angry—get over it quickly; 

for when you are angry, you give a mighty foothold to the devil.” Ephesians 4 26-27

Deliverance is the way out of this madness. Sir, if you are a wifebeater, you need help, you need to own up to the fact you are a manifest mad person and be sincere about it. It may look like I’m insulting you, maybe I am. And if you are angry at this message, it is still the demons in you that have begun tormenting you. You need deliverance and Jesus Christ wants to help you. Think of it, why do you always feel bad after you have beaten your wife and yet another day, at the slightest provocation, you are beating her again. It is because you are under an influence. You need help, cry to Jesus Christ now.

Friends, if any woman/man suffering in silence as a result of domestic violence confides in you, (especially when the battery is involved), and you find out it is true, do not keep such a secret, report it to the appropriate authority, you may be saving someone from untimely death. Stop assuming it is their destiny or that it is their cross, they need help, please help them. They may not understand it now, they will thank you later.

If this menace is not curbed it is the society that will suffer the consequences ultimately and you may be caught in the crossfire. Think of this – children raised in such homes may become bullies, violent, and even become a terror to the community and the life of everyone is in danger. Let’s react to this issue now as a people, as members of the same community, a stitch in time saves nine-word of wisdom, please google the story of Max Jukes and you will agree with my postulate.

You may contact the marriage counselor on 08027627838 or 08077128453.

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