Koseunti @50: Astounding Miracles Mark Event

 Koseunti @50: Astounding Miracles Mark Event

No fewer than ten Astounding miracles were recorded at the just concluded Golden Jubilee of koseunti sign and wonder programme in the ancient town of Akure. The testimonies were just a few among several amazing wonders of God of Prophet T. O. Obadare, who answers to the call of his children.

The programme that was well attended by several dignitaries from all works of life was one of its kind in the recent time in the country as the Ekiti State Capital received visitors from both within and outside the country to witness the wonder of God as it is continuing despite the departure of the founder of the ministries, Prophet T.O.Obadare.

The one-week long event registered amazing miracles of God of kosenti ranging from several years of barrenness that God delivered to the salvation of life to formal notorious Islamic fanatic who shared the joy of salvation in Christ Jesus. 

Although the time was not enough to accommodate countless of people who want to testify to the wonders of God, however, hopes were restored to several people in attendance within the limited space. Also one of the testifiers who has been waiting on God for the blessing of the womb for the past 10 years celebrated the God of koseunti who answered her prayer this year with a baby. 

Another participant glorified the Lord because she was indebted to two banks which have brought shame to her but surprisingly, she just received an alert of 3 million Naira with which she pays off her debt. 

“I just received the sum of 3million Naira from nowhere after calling on God of koseunti last year, He answered me and I was able to pay off my debt to the two banks” she testifies.

Meanwhile, it was a wonderful moment to remember as the man upon whom the prophetic mantle fell after the departure of the founder mounted the pulpit; who prophetically declared upon the mammoth crowd at the event.

Pastor Dr. Paul Obadare demonstrated the power of Lord of his father as the Atmosphere changed, a divers miracle as he severally read from the book of psalm 1, 2 and 3 of the Bible.

Meanwhile, in his short words, he said God move in a diverse way and reading the scripture was the way God touched the lives of several worshippers on that glorious day. There was a grand move of God as he read through the potions of the scripture. In his words; 

“Since God of koseunti has said He will meet us at the points of our needs, He is here to do His work. God only sent His servant Prophet Obadare to start it and He will do it” he affirmed.

The amiable predecessor said God is prepared to draw Kings to himself, fight for his people in the nation because he has seen the affliction of the masses.

He, however, made it known that God will not answer the prayer of the sinners no matter how long he prays adding that God will pass through the nation, Nigeria soonest.

The event was successful as the chairman and members of the committee celebrated God of Koseunti gave them success.

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