I started from zero level – Evang. Elijah Akintunde


says, “My struggle lasted for almost 17 years”

Elijah Akintunde also known as Olorun O sobe is a renowned Gospel minister who is doing exploits for the Lord through his Music Ministry. In this chat with Golden Heritage News, he shares briefly his humble beginning; says

“I started from zero level, there was no help from anyone, and attempting to get help from people seemed abortive.”

In my journey in life, I discovered something about God if He wants to lift a man, sometimes He can allow such a man to go down, and people will think it is finished for him but the same God will miraculously bring him up to His glory. He allowed Joseph to be thrown into the pit but from that experience, he ended up in the palace and became what the nation worshipped. So my own life is an example of divine mercy because I was in the same spot for 17 years in the village without any assistance from anyone. My first album was released in the year 1999 titled “ITIJU AYERAYE” and the second one came seven years after titled “ANU OLORUN”. There is a proverb in Yoruba land that says, “Ma jo lo, mo n weyin re” Honestly for me it was all lies, there was no one who could stand in or support me when I needed help most. I looked back while going and those who assured me of help suddenly turn back, even those I thought standing by me were also not there but if it is God that you are seeing and you look up to Him, He will never allow you to be stranded, so when I shifted my focus from friends, families, I started looking up to God, that was when I saw my God sent destiny helper. The truth is if God is sending help to you, you will surely know, at this time, I did not go to meet anyone, even the people I serve yet there was no help from any angle but when I learn to out rightly focus on God, His divine mercy showed up and has brought me this far to the glory of God. There was no platform I could say I climbed before getting here but God Himself intervened and showed mercy upon me at the set time, my struggle as a gospel minister lasted for 17 years before the mercy of God located me, receiving the mercy of God is not how prayerful you are, I remembered those days, myself and my friends would go to mountain to pray even though I was not as prayerful as others, yet God delivered me from struggle at the set time, what I am saying is sleeping on mountain does not guarantee divine mercy only God Himself, we should only continually trust God, abstain from sin and focus on Him to visit us at the set time.

Like I said my struggle lasted for almost 17 years before God announced to me, your own may be just 2 years or less or more, but whatever it is just be focused, be hopeful, be prayerful, and patiently wait on God, and He will surely bring you to limelight. 

For me I can only say God has brought me this far, by the grace of God we will be ministering in France from the 16th of May and I would want all fans all over the world to connect with us as we worship God together.

So my word of encouragement to those who trust God for His mercy is never to give up, be the focus, and make up your mind to be the best in what God has committed into your hands, a lot of things will come up to discourage you on your journey to success but you must never give up, don’t listen to doubters of your dreams, refuse to go with the crowd, be unique in your way, don’t imitate other people, just run with the vision of God for your dream/ministries.

Speaking on the testimony of their ministration, Evang. Opeyemi Akintunde appreciated God for His great move upon their ministrations – “We bless the Lord for how He has been blessing His people through this mandate. ‘’To the glory of God, the sick have been healed, God has helped individual / families to encounter God through this mandate, also people whom they thought couldn’t be responsible has greatly been transformed and become great vessels to reckon with, asking her how she combined ministry with family issues, she returned all glory to God for giving her understanding and supportive people around her particularly her mother in law. “My mother-in-law has been supportive and understanding which also makes it easier to run with the ministry. So in all God has been faithful, May His Name be praised forever.’’ He said.    

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