I Don’t Need To Lay Hand On People For Miracles To Happen- Prophet Solomon Olawuyi


Prophet Solomon Olawuyi, the pioneer of Christ Divine Visitation Church, located at 27, Abayomi Abbas Street, 2nd junction Bus Stop, Governor’s road, Ikotun – Lagos state made a profound statement that he does not need to lay a hand on anyone before miracle will happen.

He made this in an exclusive interview with Golden Heritage News recently that praying on people for an unprecedented miracle is the work of God and it happens without necessarily laying hand on them before they will experience the wonders of God.

Evangelist Prophet Solomon Olawuyi

The servant of God believes that the life a man lives will determine the response of God to lift such man from any form of challenges. He stated that God can perform miracles from anywhere to the praise of His name without any physical contact

He stated, “I have not laid a hand on anyone before. Even from the prayer water gotten from Shiloh that we hold every Wednesday, signs, and wonders are happening. God has done so much for us, many people that wished to travel overseas have done so as a result of coming here.’’

“There was a particular man that came to church and God instructed me to ask him to drop all the money that was with him though this was not what I would ordinarily do, but I had to obey the word of God. He said that there was no money with him. Eventually, when he dropped the money he has, I did not use it but I gave it out to people and the man left the country a few months after the glory of God.’’ He testified.

He recalled several wonders of God in their midst which range from countless barren women to who the Lord has given children and many who never thought they could become responsible in their lives but today, they are doing great “I cannot count the miracles God has performed through this ministry. Particularly when we were at the beach. I did not believe in miracles at first until I saw it done in the house of God.

I call this ministry a converter ministry that converts people from darkness into light. God will meet them and transform them. There is so much grace in this house of the Lord.” He said.

Evangelist Solomon however stated that people should learn to lean on God for their miracles and they should run away from sin. Adding that, some people have turned to God to where they can get miracles and then return to their old ways of life which is the reason some of them face a lot more difficulties in their lives.

Prophet Olawuyi charged Christians and many other people in the world to run away from sin because it is the only obstacle to their miracle. He noted that God does not want anyone to perish as he desires that they will make it back to him instead.

In words “God does not want sinners to be lost but rather to come to him. Once you receive Jesus, you need to start changing your habits. You need to become a new creation and let go of the behaviors of the past. Many Christians collect from God without serving him. But if you walk closer to God, you will notice so many wrong things that you need to drop. If you do not change then there will be problems, people do not want to leave their sins, and that causes problems.” He said.

Meanwhile, Prophet Solomon is a servant of God who believes that following the word of God is enough to short out every issue of life. He is the Prophet and Founder of the Christ Divine Visitation Church where several lives have been delivered from the shackles of the enemy.

For prayers that will bring down the battle of your life, you can visit the church or call on 08023340434

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