I Am The Only Speaker Who Professes Jesus Christ -Honourable Oleyelogun


Says, God called me into politics

The Speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly, Honourable Bamidele Oleyelogun has boasted that he is the only speaker in the whole world that professes Jesus Christ without fear of rejection. He made this known at the just concluded Golden Jubilee of the World Soul Winning Evangelical Ministry (WOSEM) in Akure, Ondo State Capital.

Honourable Bamidele Oleyeloogun

Prior to the affirmation that Late Prophet Timothy Obadare prophesied into his life to carry Christ to government, the speaker of House of Assembly has stood up to acknowledge Christ everywhere he goes. In a chat with pressmen, he gave more enlightenment.


You are here today to witness the convention of the Olorun Koseunti what is your impression about this sir?

Have not come to witness alone, I am a product of this convention, I started coming here for the past 47 years, I thank God for the life of the prophet ( Late Obadare) and I thank God for how mightily He is using Obadare son for the ministry.

Sir! So many ministries when the founder /visionaries are no more people start to dessert, unlike the founder’s son who took up the mandate and things go higher?

The major thing here is that if you are called by God it is another thing, the entire agenda will be reformed. Obadare is called by God and it is evident to everyone as we can see the children going higher with the mandate and that is why it is very powerful.

With what the Lord is doing here, what advice do you have for the ministers of God?

Well my advice to all ministers of God is to wait on the Lord, they should have faith in the Lord, they should be dedicated, they should hold firm unto Christ.

Sir! While speaking then, you said you are the first and only speaker that professes Christ as Lord in the whole world, what can you say is behind this boldness?

Ah! My brother, it is because God owns all my success, In Romans 9 vs 14, it is written that He will have compassion on everyone but only to those He will, in which I am fortunate to be one of them. All that you see am doing is by the grace of God. So, therefore, I have to worship Him and have the boldness to say it anywhere. I can proclaim the name of Jesus Christ anywhere.

What is your advice to other speakers out there, sir!

Well, I cannot force them to a religion, but I want them to believe that there is only one God that can do all you need if they can believe in Him all things will work out fine for them.

In Nigeria, we hear so many things about politicians, like when a Christian goes into politics he is likely to loss his faith how have you been able to cope with this?

Well, I thank the living God as I said earlier it is a difference between calling yourself to come and work for God and God calling you to come and work for Him. Baba Obadare has prophesied into my life 30 years ago that I will go into politics for God so it wasn’t hard for me, the one who chooses me said I should do it, so, it has been easy for me. If you believe in God you will be successful in everything you do. The way I do my things even at the House of Assembly, you will know that I fear God, I fear God in all I do.

On persecution of Christians in Nigeria what do you have to say?

I don’t believe that God will not deal with them. My belief is that as soon as possible God will deal with all of them. During the time of Jesus Christ, a lot happened, we cannot run from this, we expect something of such to happen but God Almighty, the one in charge, He knows better and He will handle it very well, am certainly sure they will be dealt with by God.

Thank you for your time sir

It’s my pleasure

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