How I Walked Barefooted For Many Kilometers -Arcbishop Sam Zuga


Says “God has helped me to build systems and platforms that can change the history of Nigeria through digital economy technology.”

Dr. Archbishop Sam Zuga, the renowned founder of Africa’s First and best-selling cryptocurrency, Zugacoin, has just revealed deeply into his humble beginning.

The professor of digital economy admitted that his life is a typical example of grass to grace. He made the statement in one of his weekly updates which he released this week; following the success and growth recorded so far in the acceptability of the digital currency

 “I was born from a house where poverty germinated, bath with leaves, walked barefooted to school for kilometers, rice was a stranger to my father’s house. I remember when someone gave my mother garri and sugar, she soaked the garri inside water and kept it on a high platform to allow it to swell up very well so that it can go around all of us her children and we went to the farm. All of us were thinking about the garri that is swelling at home. We came back from the farm around 2 pm to celebrate the garri that was soaked since 6 am.” He wrote.

The celebrated world digital guru talks about his road to salvation after he listened to Bishop Oyedepo and Archbishop Idahosa which begins the turning point in his journey adding that, he has become the carrier of God’s grace which eventually enables him to sit with many VIPs in the world today.

 “Today, God help me not to allow that situation to overwhelm me. I took it upon myself without the help of my parents, there was no uncle in the city to run to, I didn’t know who was a political leader around to insult, I didn’t know who was the Governor or President to blame, there was no one to complain to. “I faced the challenges of life until I encountered Jesus Christ of Nazareth on 11/7/1999. My story started changing by listening to Bishop David Oyedepo and later got the videos of Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Blessed memory. Today, I traveled across the globe, interacted and eat with Presidents of Nations, climb to the pinnacle of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Slept and has my office in the only 7-star hotel in the world, built on the sea called Burj Al Arab in Dubai.” He recalled.

Furthermore, Prof. Sam Zuga boldly expressed his gratitude to God for the grace he received to have created a system that will liberate many lives in Africa. He added that the programme will kill poverty if he could get people who believe in his mandate adding that he would need to change the poverty mindsets of Africans which he agreed would be a little challenging, but would be possible by consistent within few years.

 “Above all, I am feeling as if I am walking on the clouds in the sky because God has helped me to build systems and platforms that can change the history of Nigeria through digital economy technology. Poverty is in trouble in Nigeria and Africa. The next challenge is to work on the poverty in the minds of Nigerians and Africans that is the worst form of poverty. But, if I can get a good number of Nigerians who know my worth as gold and we are going to do it together. It will take us time but I believe we can achieve it in 5 years. I don’t mind or care about the people that are insulting me or condemning every step I take.” He admitted.

He however summoned that no matter what it takes, he is willing to go through thick and thin t ensure the actualization of the dream and mandate of liberating the continent.

 “The world is yet to understand how ZUGACOIN is where it is now in the global market. People that understand are taking advantage of ZUGACOIN when others are mocking. That is why I said, no matter how you maltreat gold, the value cannot be reduced” Prof. Sam Zuga boasted.

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