Grace Mission With Pastor Emmanuel: Secrets To Total Fulfilment in the Year 2023


Locate God’s predetermined counsel for your life. Face it with utmost commitment and dedication. Avoid every distraction. People will speak, and listen to hear only what the Lord is saying through them. Hold on to whatever instructions, either an applause or rebuke. Take the correction and get better as we go.

People will try to drag you into a race that’s not yours, don’t fall into the trap of jealousy and envy, locate your race and run it to finish strong. Beware of competition, only compete to finish your assignment. They are many and you don’t have time…don’t compare your one talent with the one with 3…run your own race and you’ll always win. You can’t win running another’s race.

There will be storms, trials, losses, pains, tests and you will feel tired and tempted to give up on God, but hold on, because there will also be great times of pleasure, comfort, encouragement, elation and all will end in praise and Thanksgiving.

In all, set your mind to be a fruitful servant of God so that you can be a blessing. Walk in humility to sustain your rising height so you don’t fall. Lend a helping hand and let grace flow out of you to others. Judge less, criticise less, help more, encourage more, and give more. ‘Prophesy’ more than ‘speaking in tongues’. Edify others more than you edify yourself. Be less selfish. Sacrifice more for others if you must be a blessing…selfishness is the mother of extinction, preserve your life by pursuing purpose, be wary of the ax at the root of the barren tree.

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Look forward with joyous hope whatever comes, it won’t be long, He who shall come shall come and shall not tarry. Keep hope alive even in the most dangerous peril, keep hope alive. Live in faith, fight the good fight of faith, eschew unbelief and doubts and you’ll always win.

Maintain the narrow way, the broadway beckons but it’s a trap into perdition. Beware of covetousness, a life does not consist in the abundance of its possessions. Lay up for yourself treasure in heaven…and find rest for your soul in Christ…

It shall be a great year… We go in this our might, we are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. We put on the whole armour of God and we quench every fiery arrow of the wicked, we overcome, Satan is crushed under our feet and we reign in life through the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. Doing great things for our Lord and our God and His Kingdom. Sin has no dominion over us… We win, with the gift of victory. We go undaunted, setting our eyes like a flint, we look unto Him and we are sure we shall not be ashamed…

2023…bring it on… We move! We win!

 Merry Christmas my dear friends!

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