Covid-19 Test: Let’s Help Our Leaders, Pastor Bola Pleads to Nigerians

 Covid-19 Test: Let’s Help Our Leaders, Pastor Bola Pleads to Nigerians

The Director of Alice Agbeke Bamimodu (AAB), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Pastor Mrs. Bola Adebanjo NEE Bamimodu has pleaded to all Nigerians to help the leaders and government as a whole to combat the pandemic to have success in their efforts and quest to find a lasting solution to the deadly virus that is ravaging the whole world.

She made this plea shortly after her test which came out negative at Ikotun-Igando area; where people scarcely came out to know their status because of so many complaints ranging from fear of been infected, caution for alleged compulsory isolation, hunger, lack of support and many others.

Mrs. Bola expressed her concern on the need for people to be sure of their status which would help the government to have accurate data on those who are already infected hence proper treatment and way to stop the spread which is the bane of trouble in the society.

In her words, she said “My fellow Nigerians and all countries in the whole world; please let us help our leaders as they are willing to help us. Let us troop out and go for our test, the earlier you detect the better for you. “

Pastor Bola Adebanjo who did her test during the lockdown did not disquiet about the scourging sun but waited for her turn of which she did and came out negative.

Although, according to her, many were afraid of the rumor that the kits they brought were from China which many of them were scared of been infected through it. She, however, railed this notion which is why as a leader, she stepped forward to conduct the test despite fears and warnings from the members of her NGO.

However, she blamed some of the reasons for the poor distributions of palliative provided by the government which many vulnerable people never had a taste of it. She added that many people are hungry and the only song they want to listen to is the distribution of food items to them.

“I think people are hungry and want help either from the government or NGOs. If they have food on their tables, they will do the needful. Unfortunately, the efforts of the government are not enough for the common man on the street.” She affirmed.

Of cause, this has been one of the major efforts that her surviving NGO has been fully engaged in especially during this challenging period; despite the little resources available to them, Pastor Bola and the team were able to put a smile on the faces of the few who were present during the distribution of food items, especially to the widows around her vicinity.

She, therefore, solicits for donations from as many people who are willing to help the Organization to come to their aids in other to cushion the hunger in the lives of many vulnerable in society.

“I want to plead to all philanthropists and cheerful givers to come and use our platform to sow seeds into the lives of many vulnerable in our society as we promise to be open and accountable for every dime given.

Femi Otedola once said they don’t spend money in heaven. Therefore, I plead that we should all stand up to this task by helping the less-privileged amidst us.” She pleaded.

Meanwhile, anyone who wishes to assist can contact Pastor Bola on 08023635787 OR TRANSFER TO HER BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER. First Bank: 3024011966

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