Covid 19: Pastor Bola puts smiles on widows, Others

 Covid 19: Pastor Bola puts smiles on widows, Others

says, giving to people is far more than buying a car and luxuries of life

Amidst the pandemic affecting the whole world generally; bringing countries into lockdown including Nigeria whereby several people could not cope with the situation at hand, Pastor Bola Adebanjo NEE Bamimodu has not stopped putting a smile on widows and those who are in need to alleviate the situation in a time as this.

On the issue of Covid 19 which she believed it is expedient at this trying time to be a helping hand to the less privileged as she affirmed that sharing love through giving at this time is detrimental to the salvation of lost souls.

She made the gestures of food items in different categories available to several numbers of widows who honoured the invitation to her resident at Ijegun axis of Lagos last Tuesday

 In her message to the beneficiaries, she encouraged the participants to be courageous despite all the challenges around them.

“There is no trouble, problem, and challenges that is beyond God. Though everywhere seems tangled, it is evident that God is one the throne and things will turn around.”

She added that people may want to challenge their God but they will have the testimony in all areas of their lives. She agreed that there will be moments of trouble that the devil always brings to their ways just like Jesus faced challenges in His time on earth.

She charged them not to keep grudge with anyone adding that they should make peace with everyone because heaven is real.

Pastor (Mrs.) Adebanjo recalled how God saved her from the ghastly accident that almost claimed her life which no one would think she could survive it which is a testimony that established that there is nothing that God can’t do

On her part, giving to people is far more than buying a car and luxuries of life adding that not that she has enough to throw around but giving to less privilege is more important to her. She, however, told them that there is nothing they are passing through that is more than Jesus.

She corroborated her point on how they once visited everywhere including Alfa who charged them money to revive one of her friend’s son but God by himself took care and delivered the boy.

She said, no one on earth is not passing through a hard time. She added that they should surrender everything they are passing through to God; that there is nothing God cannot do. Pastor Mrs. Bola assured them that God will surprise them with wonders as they prayed aggressively to God. 

paying aggressively with some beneficiaries

Meanwhile, speaking with some of the beneficiaries; Mrs. Mojisola Fadare appreciated God for the Initiative. She reveals that the set woman of God has been taking good care of those who had come in contact with her, she affirmed that there was a time when her son was wayward she took it upon herself to see that the child became someone in life, 

Mrs. Fadare also thank the woman of God because as expressed her happiness when she received a call to come to her house. 

“When I got her call to come over, I was very happy because I know am set to laugh at this hard time. I pray God will continue to elevate her forever and ever, she is such a generous giver; givers never lack it is certain that she will go places and never lack” 

Mrs. Mojisola, therefore, admonished all who the Lord has blessed to use the period in preaching Christ through giving.

 Mrs. Alice Ajayi who has always benefited from consistent help through the woman affirmed that Mrs. Adebanjo is a ‘God’s sent’ woman; who God is using to wipe tears of those who are in need, widows and especially those who don’t have anybody to look up to except God. 

She expressed that, though the woman is not getting it as much as she gives because she has the heart of giving which has been part of her praying that God will always look for a way to glorify Himself in her life. She revealed that even on sick bed Mrs. Adebanjo always look out for those in need she, therefore, prayed that God will always enrich and bless her.

However, Pastor Mrs. Bola Adebanjo appreciated great people who the Lord is using to assist her in fulfilling this great mandate among are Pastor Tade Agbesanwa, Mrs. Sola Soetan NEE Adewuyi.

She further appreciated those who made the event to be successful “I will appreciate my children too that went to the market. Mr. Tobi Adebanjo, Mrs. Toyosi 

Adeboye, Miss Tomi Adebanjo, Mr. Samuel Jibril

And I also extend my greetings to all my staff that lives nearby for their support and my children for making the programme to be a success in a difficult time like this. And for those that are also praying for us. May God bless you all.”

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