Bishop David fumes over guidelines on the reopening of Worship centers.

 Bishop David fumes over guidelines on the reopening of Worship centers.
  • By Ayobami

…Urges Christians not to be under precautions that will kill their spirit man.

Bishop David Abioye has frowned with the recent guidelines attached to the reopening of religious gatherings in Nigeria, which states that children and oldies should not be allowed to attend religious gatherings pending the time the pandemic will fizzle out, 

Bishop Abioye who voiced against such guidelines with a bit of disappointment and disapproval could not hold back his displeasure in the procedures.

The assistant to Bishop Oyedepo, the General Overseer of Living Faith Bible Church (Winners Chapel) made this known during a service held in the church auditorium, Abuja.

Bishop David Abioye, while delivering the sermon titled; “Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom, Pays the Unmatchable” likened the current situation facing religious gatherings to how Pharaoh was negotiating with the Israelites to leave some of the people behind when they were leaving for Canaan Land as the same way some people are negotiating with the Church today. He noted that they are all devices of the devil to pull down the body of Christ.   

Bishop David Abioye

He stated that Satan is trying to negotiate our service but we must wake up, adding that we all should reason together while being spiritual and not negotiate the faith, just as the Hebrew boys did in the book of Daniel 3:17.

The Bishop recounted that “I can’t imagine what my life will look like without going to church when I was young, that was where I got my Christian training.”

The Assistant G. O. further expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that while the church is adhering to the precautionary measures, other gatherings seem not to; but the Church happens to be the only gathering they are antagonizing. He quarried that why will the church be a place where people’s lives are endangered when the Bible has everything that has and will come into existence, which is why the Bible will always remain the guide in all generations.

The pragmatic Bishop urged congregants to observe the rules of the day but they should not be under precautions that will kill their spirit-man. Asking them to keep their spirits awake and not to be carried away with the news ongoing.

He also admonished the Christians that the stranger is not looking for them because they shall serve the Lord their God and He will bless their bread and their water, and He will take sickness from their midst.

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