2023: Neither Tinubu Nor Atiku Will Move Nigeria Forward -Primate Ayodele


says the Muslim-Muslim ticket will never work in Nigeria.

The Spiritual Leader of INRI Evangelical Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele has said neither Tinubu nor Atiku can move Nigeria forward even if elected in the coming 2023 presidential Election.

He made this known at a press conference recently during the release of his book of prophecies tagged  “Warning to the Nations: A collection of divine Signals 2022/2023 and beyond”.

Primate Ayodele speaking on the 2023 general election, particularly the presidential election, said Tinubu and Atiku cannot take Nigeria to a glorious land as revealed by the Holy Spirit: He said no APC or PDP will make Nigeria better unless we get the right people. He insisted that the outcome of the coming election in 2023 will surprise so many people and if Tinubu forced himself to be the President, Nigeria will collapse and he will not be able to manage the country as expected or set the country on a better pedestal” He, however, said APC needs to re-strategize and come together to get the right candidate.

“None of these people is qualified to rule Nigeria again and there will be serious trouble. Atiku will still emerge not Tinubu and not Peter Obi. Nigeria will still Vote for a failed government because no restructuring or a change of government will make Nigeria move forward only Obi can move Nigeria forward, only Obi can do it but he is not ordained. The best of the worse will become the president of Nigeria. None of the three Obi, Tinubu, and Atiku can make Nigeria move forward because the people who will do it are not there, because of the Nigeria System. Nigeria will still be stealnail”

On the restructuring of Nigeria, Primate Ayodele said none of Atiku Abubakar or Bola Tinubu can restructure Nigeria, he said Peter Obi can try but the rest cannot because restructuring will calm down the issue.

He affirmed that Nigeria as a country needs prayers for peace “Let us pray for the unity of the country, Let us pray against political, communal economic religious and serious security troubles. Only God will save the country to go beyond 2035 except the right steps are taken to right the wrongs.”

Primate Ayodele maintained that unless Nigeria Shun Money for votes, Nigeria will not get the right President because of the level of poverty. Nigeria will still be backward until Nigerians reject voting for the sake of money and in 2023, there will be many special fraudulent acts by both parties, card readers problems”. He lamented that no doubt that Nigeria in 2023 needs a lot of prayers to avert doom on our country. “We need to pray against political tension. We should pray against cases of collapsed bridges, unshed tension, and unexpected explosions that will take lives. “So many things will happen in terms of security, political and economic positions in Nigeria. There will be loopholes in the management security issues in the country”

The International Community would want to support Peter Obi. No nerves would want to give Atiku Abubakar their support. They don’t have any plan for Bola Tinubu. All that Tinubu is doing will not translate to anything. The Muslim-Muslim ticket will never work in Nigeria. It is dead on arrival and this will affect the APC, The Muslim – Muslim ticket will tear the party apart, we have not witnessed any major deception at the moment, we should accept more damming moments, we should expect more damming deception that would mark the end of APC in Nigeria. It is the end of APC at the moment. They want to Islamise Nigeria with the Muslim-Muslim ticket. Sadly, the party followers have not even seen it. God is against it.

On the farming company in Nigeria, Primate Ayodele revealed that government will take a new measures on agricultural companies and there will be an increment in taxes. Nigeria in 2023 needs prayers because of misconduct and criminal acts that will affect the corporate existence of our country. Nigeria as a country is sitting on a bomb; it is not Buhari that is the problem, we need fervent prayers against shipwreck, bombing, collapsed bridges, and capsized ships. On the Muslim-Muslim ticket; APC will not win except they want to set Nigeria ablaze. For Atiku, he needs to be more tactical and strategic. Obi’s party will only make noise, it is a waste, I have seen Obi’s party amounting to nothing.

Speaking on the economy of the country, “Primate Ayodele revealed that the three tiers of government and their revenue will be changed. There will be a treaty between the three tiers of government on the modalities of revenue allocation. Certain taxes, import duties, excise duty, revenue, and revenue from goods and services will attract taxes, same for the excess in crude oil changes. I foresee a decline in government revenue. There will be problems with the inflow of funds into the conference of the Federal Government.

Nigeria cannot be stable in the coming year and Nigeria’s economy will suffer lots of setbacks. Some of the deputy governors in CBN will not have this tenure extended.

The man of God charged that there should be a prayer for people in the banking sector. He said, “Let us rebuke the death of any director of the apex bank and let us rebuke fire outbreaks in any of their offices. 

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