2023 Election: Don’t Sell Your Conscience For “Puff Puff’’ Bishop Abioye charges Nigerians


Says it’s time to return the country to where God wanted it

“There are lots of supernatural endowments in this country that even the devil cannot alter.” These are some of the words of the Assistant General Overseer of Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel Inc, Bishop David O. Abioye as he charged participants not to sell their conscience for frivolity in the forthcoming election which will enable such endowments to be of great benefit to the nation if a good leader is elected.

The Clergyman, during the mission’s services, admonished believers and well-meaning Nigerians to make the right choice during the forthcoming general elections in the country and insisted that the counsel of God concerning Nigeria shall stand.

Speaking during the program, Bishop Abioye called out to all eligible voters that, it’s time to get the country back to her feet, it’s time to return the country to where God wanted it. He, therefore, charged those who could hear him not to fail God this time again; as he recounted in 2019 how a series of warnings were issued, but the people foolishly tolled the path of thorns, “it hurt though.” He lamented.

The Bishop besieged believers and lovers of good things to guild their conscience not to sell it for “puff puff or for a doughnut. He highlighted an incidence where greedy politicians tend to buy off the voters’ votes in kind or with money stressing that fifty thousand nairas are not sufficient to sustain them in the days of lack. He asked believers if they think the God they serve does not answer prayers, adding that it is time to put their faith in action and vote out ungodly leaders.

Pastor Abioye stressed and recounted in Nigeria when places of worship were burnt to ashes; though some culprits have been brought to book yet there have been no apologies from people in authority; “what a carefree government?”

He admonished the people that what they hear determines their disposition, “if you hear fearful words; your minds would be filled with fear, but if you hear from the Lord, you’ll become bold in your mind” he stressed that the 2023 election will favor the godly.

The fiery clergyman however delivered a clear warning to believers to vote in favor of the church and not in the favor of party or ethnic affiliations for anyone who sells his conscience is answerable for judgment.

Pastor Abioye in his words said, “we may not have the best of candidates but we have some of them in grace” in his word he stated that ”you’ll know someone who will make a better leader and the one who won’t, for if you’re not convinced about the one who’ll make a better leader, you should check their antecedent and their track records.” For it’s unfortunate that we have dead-minded people who don’t check records, people are carried away by puff puff, doughnut, and money. He said.

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