2022: Nigeria Will Experience A Lot Of Tension Except… -Primate Ayodele

Says “those sponsoring the Islamic state West African Province are within the country’s security system.”

Primate Elijah Ayodele, The leader of NRI Evangelical Spiritual Growth has released some shocking prophecies for 2022 and beyond which cut across the whole world. One of the revelations particularly for Nigerians is that the country will experience a lot of tense moments according to what the spirit of the Lord revealed to his servant.

He however said for Nigeria to survive from the terrible occurrences that will happen this year, Nigeria must pray earnestly to avert these turbulences.

“I Foresee killings, rituals, kidnappers, the assassination of celebrities and rowdiness generally,” primate Ayodele said Nigerians needs to pray against fire outbreak in any of the teaching hospitals in Nigeria. Specifically, let us rebuke shootings and kidnappings within the premises of hospitals.

Nigeria Air Force (NAF) jet will miss the target by bombing the wrong people therefore let’s pray against this.” He warned.

The cleric also said there will be confusion constitutionally, politically, and economically, that will come up in Nigeria. The government will be confronted with political, economic, and religious crises. Pray against cyber problems, gas leakages, and of cause pray against the death of a one-time Attorney General of the Federation.

He however said “only prayer will help Nigeria to do much as expected. They will only make efforts but will not be recognized therefore, let us pray.”

The Servant of God also revealed that Nigeria Government will come out with a new COVID-19 law because the fourth wave, a new COVID-19 will cause problems in Africa.

He said “Nigeria needs prayers in 2022 so that the country can be stable economically and security-wise “I foresee that the year will witness so many things that will sadden the people even as I foresee job disappointment. The spirit of God says there will be political crises and political assassination in the country.

The spirit of God says Nigeria needs to be watchful of Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria even as the country needs to be prayerful against any sickness that will take souls.”

Primate Ayodele specifically said that the first 160 days of 2022 would be very hard adding that insecurity would continue in Nigeria because those sponsoring the Islamic State West African Province are within the country’s security system.

Also in the 90 pages astonishing prophecies, Primate Ayodele revealed that telecommunications companies like MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile needs to pray to avoid the death of any staff and an unpleasant circumstance.

For Airtel: Primate Ayodele asked the directors to pray against death. “Airtel will have a new board of directors and it must be careful not to be heartbroken. Their efforts will be frustrated in some part, telecommunications, and tariff VAT would be raised.

For MTN: The man of God warned the company to be careful because he foresees litigations. “MTN must be watchful and prayerful not to lose money or face litigations or for them not to be frustrated”.

For Glo: Primate Ayodele said the company will grow and will overcome whatever adversity it is facing and that it will be one of Africa’s leading companies. “Glo will expand in 2022 becoming Africa’s leading indigenous telecommunication business. I see their tentacles expanding and the company will overcome any disgrace. More than it can dream the firm will see rapid growth.”

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