“2022 Encounter” Sets To Unleash Your Deliverance -Pastor Henry. C. Isaiah.


A definite encounter with God is the beginning of the transformation in a man’s life, When you encounter God, you experience amazing testimonies in your life, marriage, ministry, career, and everything around you.

An encounter with God silence all forms of delay in your life, it makes your life and work to be outstanding. Hence you become the envy of other people. It is because of this that All for Christ Assembly, (Center of Purity) in conjunction with Team Africa Outreach Ministries of Florida, USA invites you to a power-packed programme tagged “Encounter”; on the the to 6th of March, 2022 at 44, Oyinlola Street, Adealu Bus Stop, Dopemu in Lagos State.

The focus of the programme is for participants to have a definite encounter with the Lord that will bring permanent solutions to their problems.

The programme is themed “Mighty Revival, Healing, and Deliverance” which focuses on the salvation of men to Christ, church growth, business growth, healing to the sick, deliverance to the oppressed as God is set to deliver people from all forms of captivity. “It is a programme that will draw people closer to God.” According to the servant of God.

At the power-packed programme, you will encounter the power of God that will set you free from oppression and liberate you 

from the shackles of the enemies. The programme promises to ignite revival in the hearts of worshippers and position them right before their creator.

Pastor Henry Chigozie, therefore, called on church workers, ministers, church members, market men, and women, as well as bankers, lawyers from different nooks and crannies of Nigeria to avail themselves at the session of the programme as it promises to be a life-changing encounter.

God has prepared season ministers of God for the programme to minister. The renowned Evangelist Dennis Dixon who is specifically gifted in healing and Deliverance from Team Africa Outreach Ministries, Florida USA as God will be using him to deliver a lot of the oppressed.

An encounter with the Lord at this meeting will reposition your life, ministry, your church, your health, marriage, your finance, and everything about you. Therefore, plan to make it a day with the Lord, and your life will never remain the same again.

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